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Cooling Units

Monobloc water chillers suitable for the outdoor installation.

The units are equipped with hermetic scroll compressor, helicoidal electro-fans, storage tank and electro-pump for the refrigerant circulation.

The cooling units are managed by a control panel with microprocessor, which shows the temperature values and controls the alarms. The small overall dimensions, pleasant design and reduced sound levels allow to install them in any context.

The cooling capacity varies from 5.000 up to 110.000 kcal/h; all units are factory tested and ready for use after the necessary electrical and hydraulic connections. On demand, they can be supplied with heat pump and therefore can be used for both cooling and heating the circulating liquid. The units are also available with desuperheater for total or partial (20%) heat recovery.

Cooling units performing more than 110.000 kcal/h are provided with separated or integrated circulation pump and storage tank, with hermetic scroll compressors, alternative compressors or screw compressors.

Several customizations are also available.



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