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Enoveneta Ricevimentogenerae001


Enoveneta offers several solutions for the grape reception, from the harvesting wagons in various versions to the custom-made conveyor tanks.

Besides Enoveneta can offer a complete grape sorting line which allows the operator to separate the high quality product from the damaged grapes, bunches, leaves and other foreign body.



Enoveneta Tramogge001
Enoveneta Rimorchi001 Enoveneta lineeselezione002



Enoveneta Trasporti003
Grape Hoppers Harvesting trailer Reception and Selection line for grapes

Rollers selection table "Grapesort"

Trasportatori a Coclea


Enoveneta reception Enoveneta crushing Enoveneta pumps Enoveneta pressing Enoveneta filtering Enoveneta refrigeration Enoveneta Storage